Guys, Why did he suddenly go cold 7 months in?

Hey guys ermmmm okay so: Absolutely phenomenal 7 months with this individual, went on some wicked dates and brought out the best in eachother.. Calls and texts from him every morning and all day. Now i went on holiday for 6 days, and in the two weeks I've been back, he's done a whole 180. Hardly calls and one word answers. He said it was due to work but i know his workload is the same as before. He also said he is scared of "the next step" of which he won't explain what he means. Can someome pleaseeeee help because i really dont know what went wrong :/ thanks so much. Why do men sometimes go emotiinally unavailable for no reason? What should I do? Xx


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  • Tbh I think he is seeing a d talking to another girl. His behavior can also be because you went on holiday and he could had changed his mind about everything. And had second thoughts. He could also be afraid of commitment.


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  • He's either being completely truthful and is scared to commit, in which case you might be able to take with him and coax him out of his fear. Or he is lying to you and the spark was lost for him. Does he stick to the same routine in many things or is he constantly trying new things? How long were his previous relationships? Does he think that caring for someone deeply means they have to get married?

    Some people need attention like they need air. This is a serious flaw that needs to be addressed or it will result in serious issues in relationships.

    Many people are just worried about making a mistake that will stay with them for years or the rest of their life, which is smart.

    You need to talk with him and find out which it is. If he won't talk about it, then he is most likely interesting in someone else. If it's hard for him to explain but he wants to talk about it, then he's probably worried about making a mistake.

    7 months isn't long at all, you two haven't been together long enough for the "next step" let him know there's no rush.

  • He is simply a coward. He is not scared of the next step - while you were away he took some of his own steps. Ignore him and see what happens, but I would move on if I were you.

  • He may have met someone else. May be test driving her to see if he wants to replace you.


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