Guys, I feel like I'm falling in love with a guy I friend zoned months ago. It's definitely complicated. Do I tell him how I feel? What do I tell him?

He is a few years younger than me in his earlier 20's. More mature and ambitions to win at life and have kids a family than most guys I have met at any age and a total romantic. In the beginning of our friendship I said to him "I'm like his sister." As we hung out we got closer and closer and he started commenting about my physical appearance (positively).. Making sexual jokes. Everyone thinks we are together and we get along better than married couples (he says that sometimes). At one point he said "we have a weird relationship but it would be funny if we ended up getting married one day" I didn't respond cause I had no clue what to say. The down side is at times he talk about other girls and getting their attention. Though he has not been with other girls since we started hanging out. I am great at giving no emotion and staying extremely distant from guys giving no clues of the sort (afraid of being hurt) He says things like he's never worked out in front of a girl the way he does me. Or communicates as well. I think paul walker was attractive and mentioned it. He went from preferring to be called captain America by his friends as a joke to rather being like Paul walker when I asked him.. in relation. We are currently roommates and do a lot together and are working on business projects too. Says he wants me around for life and he's trust me and glad I'm his partner in these projects. Sometimes he says as a joke "I'm falling in love with him.." And I don't know if it's said to get my attention or just random. I feel like we may both play the tough card. I don't know if he actually likes me or my mind is playing the usual tricks a females mind seems to. Do I tell him how I feel? If yes.. HOW? I'm in so much fear he may move on and bring girls over it may break my heart. Sometimes I feel like guys are completely oblivious and you need to tell them. I need advice

"Sometimes I feel like guys are completely oblivious and you need to tell them. I need advice" to elaborate on this and correct what it say's. Sometimes I feel like guys are completely oblivious and its not always the case.. and if they are obvious.. women don't see it. Sometimes I've realized... I feel like women miss out when they don't tell them how they feel. Which is what I've been feeling.


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  • He's making jokes about it to test your feelings because he is afraid you don't feel the same way. He sees clues you feel the same but you never acknowledge them overtly so he doesn't want to ruin your friendship. The big clue, he hasn't dated anyone else. He mentions dating to see your reaction to see if you make the normal "friend cues" about advice and such. A woman who is only a friend will usually try to set you up with one of her friends or family. He is also trying to respect your lack of interest by dating other girls, but it doesn't go anywhere because he is always thinking about you.

    Guys can be extremely oblivious when it comes to women, we are very different creatures. But woman can be oblivious too ;) I never say anything definitive based on these things, I give different points of view, but I would be SHOCKED if he wasn't interested in you. All you have mentioned are classic man sign hunting for the elusive female psyche.

    • Thank you. This is so helpful. I definitely need to work on my responses and I actually had no clue he actually liked me. I truly thought I was the only one feeling this way. Your opinion really helps!

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  • "guys are completely oblivious sometimes"

    Hey let's call him a brother, maybe he will get the hint I like him.

    I'll give you the best advice I can, girls who show REAL interest gets the guys. Not this stupid signs stuff.

    • Thank you for your advise. View comments below It was a quick sentence that was incorrectly explained. Your input definitely teaches me something! Thank you

  • Whenever I hear women complain about how oblivious men are it drive me up the fucking wall. We are not fucking mind readers. I have read nothing here from your end which couldn't be considered friendly behavior. You have given him no reason to think that you like him, and he has given you more than enough indicators that he likes you so why the fuck is it his responsibility to make a move? He has every right to hit on other women because he is single, if you want him so bad them just tell him that you'd like to go on a date. If he winds up with someone else then your own inaction will be to blame because this dude is nuts for you.

    • This man and you are both afraid of being rejected, the only difference is that his fear is justified and yours isn't. He is yours for the taking, but YOU have to take HIM.

  • Guy is giving you tons of hints and you hide your emotions from him?

    • I've been single for 4 years it's all I know at this point keeping to my side and keeping it cool sharing emotions is not something I'm used to. What do you suggest I do? I don't even know where to begin. It's so bad and I have become aware of it recently. Any advice is good.

    • Tell him one day when he jokes about you two being together playfully say "oh really, guess I'll just have to wait for you to man up and ask me/make it happen" see if he is all bark and no bite

  • Personally I wouldn't take a girl who rejected me before. Yeah.. no


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