Girls, could this situation ever work?

This girl i've been talking to goes away in 2 months to college in california but her family lives in jersey here. I'm pretty sure she likes me but I'm not sure how this could work if we started dating. I really like her but I dont want to get hurt.


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  • I am in exactly the same position as you, only he's the one leaving in two months. Look, people can comment their opinions but I don't think they'll fully understand unless they experience this situation for themselves.
    Does she know you like her? Is this more than a friendship already or are you hoping it will be someday? The guy I like probably has no idea I feel this way, but like yourself I have a strong feeling he likes me too.. But that is exactly the issue, if you don't tell her how will you ever know? Do you want to live the rest of your life regretting what could have been, reminiscing every conversation, dreaming of made-up scenarios where the two of you confessed your undying love? I hate to break it to you, but if you don't tell her soon you'll regret this for the rest of your life. You think she's the one? Then go and get her. Two months is an awfully long time in the world of romance and rather than spending the last remaining days wondering 'what if', why don't you act now and use this time that the two of you have together. Forget thinking about the future for now, that will write itself, live in the now!

    • I completely agree, she sent me a snapchat saying when are we hanging yet everytime i ask her she is busy then i asked her if she was free this week and she said for me to think if sonething fun to do and she'll let me know when she is. I've told her before that I have feelings for her but I waited too long. Now she has started talking to me again and broke up with her boyfriend. I just really dont want to get hurt again tho, it destroyed me the last time.

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    • Maybe she's genuinely busy, the guy I like asked me three times since we last met up and I have had to tell him I can't because of work etc, how about asking her when she's next free? That way she can't say she's busy when you suggest a day?

    • like i said i asked her if she was free at all this week and she said for me to think if something fun to do and she'll let me know when she is free, i really dont know what that means and i feel weird asking her so many times to hang, she asked me what i was doing one afternoon but i was gonna tailgate, since then i've asked her like 3 times and she has been busy. I tried texting her to just talk yesterday and it seems like she didn't want to talk although i knew she was out with her friends, im probably just overthinking this whole thing but im not really sure what to do, thanks for responding so many times by the way

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  • It depends on how willing are both of you to get in a long-distance relationship.
    How do you imagine the relationship would be like?

  • If you don't think you can handle a long distance relationship... don't do it.

    It wasn't meant to be.

  • not a good idea.


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