Is it true that fat and/or ugly girls tend to work harder when dating (e. g., are sexually easier, more caring, less annoying, less demanding etc?

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  • I don't think they work harder at all; they are just nicer because they can't get away with the horrible behavior that beautiful women learn that they can get away with (until their looks fade).

    • They are Nicer = works harder

    • I don't think you understand. Such girls grow up that way, so it's not work. Meanwhile, girls who are good looking grow up and often become bratty drama queen bitches because that behavior is tolerated by guys who want to get into their pants. Relatively unattractive girls never had that luxury, so they grow up to become good women. It's not work; it's who they are.

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  • actually only those "fat"/"ugly" gals who feel insecure about their bodies... and they r constantly afraid dat if their guy meets a "thin"/"pretty" gal wll leave 'em

    • So generally anyone that feels insecure about themselves (ugly or beautiful), right?

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