Am I just a hookup or is there something more?

Alright, I'll try to make this short and sweet. (Let's see how this goes..) I met him through mutual friends while I was vacationing in Texas. The first night we talked, we were both drunk and made out. Same with the second and third night ( I swear I'm not an alcoholic guys.) We also hung out in a group during the day, and he would pay a little extra attention to me, but not a ton. After the vacation ended, I didn't see him for around a month. Then we all planned another vacation in Florida. Once again, all 3 nights we were there, we made out, and then did some other things (pretty much everything besides having sex). We would then cuddle all night and whatever, but during the daytime, we never left each others side. He would hold my hand and take a million pictures with me and everything else. A lot of the time, it felt like we were dating. Now that we're in different states again, we text nonstop and are making plans to see eachother over Thanksgiving and Christmas break... but when we text, it seems to never go to deeper level things. We always seem to start talking about my current chapter in 50 shades of Grey, or talking about other sexual things. I'm really starting to like him, but I'm worried that it's just a hookup. But in another lens, why would he go this far out of his way to see a girl that's just a hookup? I'm so confused. In addition to this, he hasn't had a girlfriend in 4 years, so this could be good or bad. Is he not interested in relationships, or is he just being picky? Another thing, he's also a virgin and is waiting for the right girl to have sex with. I'm just getting a lot of conflicting messages from him.


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  • if he's a virgin and he hasn't had a girlfriend in 4 years as u say... then personally i believe he's not interested in relationships and he's focusin on his studies mostly (how old is he btw?)

    anyway if he's bringin up sexual things (judgin from yer description) or cuddle then probably he wants to go seriously wid u. i say this coz he seems to be like a guy who values his virginity and he doesn't wanna lose it wid some random gal.


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  • Might be something more.


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  • dont put to much stress into this , if something happens it happens, next time u text try to get deeper more personal, one of u has to try 1st, no same in to being u. dont worry about sex. and then if the conversation goes well u might just have ur answer.


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