Should I text my ex again? yes or no?

Basicaly broke up with my ex about 6 weeks agao, together for 5months. She said she needed time.

Few weeks ago she text me saying, I miss you, abd that she wants to see me and that she can't belive she let me go etc... we sent a few texts, I then suggested we meet up, she said yeah :) that sounds amazing maybe next week and asked how I was, how work was, loads of question. I text back saying next week is good what day you thinking and asked how she was etc.. 11 days on and I never had a response!! I've not text her asking again. do you think I should double text? or maybe she's not intrested... Im starting to think she didn't get my message or I didn't get hers altough I know thats silly as she would of probably sent another text asking? ... Any oppinions or advice would be great thanks... Text back yes or no? and what shoud I text her if yes?

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  • I would ask her one last time, just to say you've tried.


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  • yh sure why not


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  • No give her time ans she will come back to you


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