He says he just want to be friends, but still calls me like we are a dating couple?

I met this guy online who happens to live in the same town as me. We started exchanging emails, one thing led to another, we exchanged numbers and started talking on the phone often. Months went by and I asked him a question about possibly pursuing a relationship. His excuse was school and that he wasn't financially stable. I took his word and still kept in touch and feelings grew deeper. I started falling in love with him, so I told him but he didn't say it back... I was heartbroken. He said he just want to be friends but I just feel like that's not what he wants from me. I'm VERY confused. I've never went on a date with him, when I ask, he finds an excuse as to why he can't go. This guy is always checking up on me but doesn't want to be in a relationship with me. I really love him and we have a GREAT chemistry but I'm so confused. I've attempted many times to move on, but he always say something nice and I come running back to him...


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  • Friendzoned indeed


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