Ok I just met this guy and I really like him but I get nervous around him and start to act stupid?

Well I've talked to this guy a few times but we were just formally introduced a bit ago I started to like him the first day we hung out. A mutual friend introduced us. it was nice beach and boat rides with friends we hung out for like four days straight now I'm 16 and just plain inexperienced in relationships. I'm weird and so is he but he's 18 older and definitely more experienced he seemed really into me we did some stuff... i was okay I guess but talking to him in person lets just say he's really smart and I am too I'm a very smart person school wise but he makes me nervous and then I start to act ditsy and I know it's turning him off. Pretty much I need help I need to stop acting ditsy and I also need to know if me being inexperienced is as big of a deal as I think it is
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  • you can learn.


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