How can I stop doing this? How to deal with this?

So i haven't had a boyfriend in a couple years at least since i was in high school and i just do a couple things not on purpose at all but it happens, i tend to mention some stuff relating my ex and our past relationship it just happens my boyfriend brings it up i haven't done it in a bit but i kinda feel silly when i do it. My new boyfriend is very mature he's in the army he's very much a manly man i guess. The thing with my ex is we are actually good friends we have a lot of history and a lot of trust. The other issue is my boyfriend has a kid with his im quoting him (best friend) i trust him yes but i haven't met her or the child yet. The relationship with them is confusing and complex to me as im not use to it but been told its better they get along cause she won't send him to court about child support and so on.
I do get jelous mostly cause she is so close by to him and i live about 40-45 mins away depending on traffic, it's complicated cause her parents never supported her and don't support her with her studies so she does most of her homework at his parents house, he has his kid most of the time, i sometimes feel when i point out something about her like she doesn't treat u well (she degraded him as man once ) made my blood boil apparently she has bipolar tendencies. It's frustrating having to deal with all this i do trust him but i feel like she will try something and i get these thoughs i hate it i been doing better but still... will i be calmer after i met her? i hope so I don't know how to be mature about this.
She has kinda hinted like she misses him and oh your back to your old self before u join the army, she was the one that said she didn't want to be with him he told her off plus she has a boyfriend now. I find he talks about her a lot but i just go uhuh and i feel like i don't say much as much as he tells me oh you talk about your ex a lot u don't have a kid with him etc. This pops out now and then but besides that we have pretty good communication overall.


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  • Just try to stop thinking about him.


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