Was I wrong by ending it?

I have been talking to this girl from work since January. In the past month or so she has been acting more and more distant. I have told her multiple times that she comes off like she doesn't like me sometimes. She always just says that that is her personality. She will just get in a quiet mood and she seems to just take it out on me which I find weird because I seem to be the only one who has her back no matter what. Bottom line is is that she gives me mixed signals and it confuses the hell out of me. Seems like we both treat people the way they treat us and we do the same to each other which is counter productive as hell. I've talked to some of her family and friends and they all say that she likes me but she just has an extremely gaurded personality. A lot of them tell me to stick with it and it will pay off. Basically I went to a party at her house which I took off work to go to. The whole time I'm sitting there and she don't wanna talk and just kind of ignored me. So I told her I was leaving. She followed me outside and told me she's sorry and didn't want me to leave ext. So I stayed. We got along good for like 2 hours then she goes back to not talking to me. I tried like hell to get her to say something but she just acted cold so I went outside for like a half hour. When I walk back in she was laying on the floor watching tv with some 19 year old dude right next to her and talking to him. So I left pissed and texted her and told her its over without much explanation. The biggest thing that upset me was the fact that she always seemed to treat everyone else better than me and the fact that i couldnt get her to say 2 words to me and this other guy has her in a coversation just makes me think she has absolutely no respect for me. Did I over react? Technically were not BF/GF but we just have a mutual understanding. Especially about stuff in front of each other.


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  • I think you were right.


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