Do you guys think that this new chic is just a rebound?

to make it short, this last week me and my ex fought and broke up again for the 2nd time. 3 days later, I found out he is already with a new chic! before that though, he was posting such hateful comments on FB like " realest thing someone said to me was you never needed her, you wanted her. There's a difference.

Fast forward to now, he seems pretty happy with this girl and would post food pictures with a hashtag #shesmakingmefat and just them always eating out and about.

I can't help but think like is he really moved on or this is just some kind of temporary fix?


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  • 3 days and he's posting photos? Wow what a dick
    I'd bet it won't work out for long
    But he's immature and you're much too good for him
    It's hard I know. I've been there myself. Move forward and don't look back, best thing I ever did

    • thank you so much. here is the thing though. All these pictures are on Instagram. He blocked me on Instagram. however, I have another Instagram account so I am able to see these posts (an account he doesn't know I have).

      I'm too good for him?
      and yes it's so damn hard because it fucking hurts. Wait though, based on experience would he come crawling back you think? and what made you say it won't work out for long?

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    • What I would do is buy myself some chocolate and stay in watching movies and just relax
      Then tomorrow get on with things, get rid of anything that reminds me of him, see my friends and make plans
      Feel better x

    • I was just taking selfies cuz it makes me feel better, and all of a sudden I just broke down in tears :( </3

  • She's just a rebound.


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