I found out my boyfriend is cheating on me by going through his phone. What do I do?

I have never gone through anyone's phone before. I do consider it an invasion of privacy and it means you just don't trust the person you're with.

Things have been really strange lately. Some things he says are not consistent, sometimes he changes the subject if it's something he doesn't want to answer, he always, always ignored this one girl who calls him and we're together. He gets paranoid when I touch his phone, (which isn't often, just to move it. There have been other signs but enough to make me notice.

I had his phone while he was playing football with his friends. The girl who is supposed to be his girlfriend texted him and when it flashed across the screen, I clicked on it. I went through all of their messages. He calls her the love of his kife, was with her on nights and days he told me he had things to do and there were dirty pictures from the girl. He even spent the night with her a few times.

I want to confront him but I feel terrible about going through his phone. Its true that if you go looking for something you'll find And someone's phone is their personal property, but now I know and I'm glad. I just dont know how to approach the situation.


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  • Dumb him and do it now and tell him why. Do not let him beg to come back. You need a clean break. If you let him back, you are teaching him that he can do it again and you will always take him back. Instead, cut your ties with him. You deserve better and he deserves to learn. Hopefully, the next woman he is with he will not make the same mistake.


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  • wth? dump him, he's cheating on you. just confront him and asked him to explain. and just go away from the cheater, you deserve better

  • He's in the wrong. Not you

  • Just dump him.


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