Met a great woman who's out of my league. Not really sure how to pursue her?

Ok everybody I met a great woman through some mutual friends/family. I was flirting with her a lot and she seemed relaxed and laughed a lot. My problem is I'm not sure how to fully pursue her. She seemed to like me but I beat myself up over the fact she could find a way better person. All my friends even my exes say go for her. I want to but I could use some advice. Thank you.


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  • Go for it!!! She has to be with someone and maybe you are just what she is looking for. You dont know what she is looking for so dont just assume you dont have it.
    I've been told I'm really attractive, and I'm highly educated, but I've had a lot of guys who clearly really like me but too afraid to go out with me. What a shame as some of them I was really hung up on but they were too afraid to just go for it.
    The thing is, this whole idea of "league" is based on a rational argument -eg, she is better looking, she is younger/older, she is more educated, she could have anyone, etc. But when it comes to matters of the heart, there isn't often a rational explanation. Sometimes you just know how you feel... but, you can't pretend you know how she feels. So give it a shot and maybe you will end up with a long and happy relationship with a girl that you think is out of your league.

    • You actually really made a lot of sense I'm going to give it my best shot if it works great, if not oh well we can still be friends.

    • Good for you!! Glad I could help :-)

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  • If you genuinely, rationally think that she deserves better than you, then move on. It's not in your self-interest to get more than you deserve.

    But, that's the crucial question: does she really deserve better than you? Don't think about only looks, which is what people usually do when they talk about 'leagues'.

    Women in general want to encourage men to approach (though they then often get angry if they are approached by guys they think are below them). So, I'm not surprised by the women's answers so far.


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  • Confidence is key. I have a guy friend who went for a model-type kind of girl. His #1 tip was to be confident, even if you know she can find other guys. Women like men who know their value, & don't beat themselves up with their own insecurities. If she's giving you signs that she enjoys talking to you, then go for it. It's better trying than finding out you just missed your chance. Just continue flirting with her & keep giving her compliments. Ask her out on small dates.


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  • No tricks or special advice. You already have an advantage of talking to her and all signs seem good from her. Ask her out and honestly, the worst thing is she says no, or maybe later.


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