I don't know what to do with my "girlfriend", should I end things?

She is way too friendly with other guys. In one picture which the description was directed to me, 2 other guys where clearly flirting with her and she went along with it and I left a comment mysef and she deletes mine, I confronted her and she told me "she doesn't want her dad to know". She rarely compliments me or asks me questions and she gets mad at me for ignoring her when she's the one that doesn't end up replying to me. She's always constantly getting me jealous too, she got me mad a while back and I ignored her for about 3 and she decided to me so damn jealous I literally started to cry. She forwarded some message like thingy about whoever forwarded back that had to marry the person for a week or something like that and she showed me that the guy was "married to her" and she didn't even aplogize. She never likes my stuff on instagram neither and I have noticed that she will like specific looking guys pictures also, and the worst part is that she'll literally go into their profiles and like multiple pictures at a time. She also posted a pic about if she ever meets a rancher she'll "marry them", and tbh I dislike ranchers the mexican ones to be more specific and it angered me and I told her that I'm the complete opposite of that and to take it down and she got mad at me and ignored my comment. She never wants to talk on the phone either and I'm starting to get suspicious on her maybe cheating with me because I recently moved out of state for college and she has been putting things like "Your smile makes me feel a thousand emotions" and the funny thing is we don't video chat or anything so she hasn't seen my smile at all since I moved which was a while back. Also she'll be online for a while on WhatsApp and not reply to me at all. I feel like I have a ton of weight on my shoulders, I don't know what to do. Am I just overreacting? Or should I finally end things.

* 3 days and * cheating on me
We have had a few fights already and so far it seems like maybe a little has been fixed but overall it's still pretty bad


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  • Yeah u should really end it cuz she doesn't sound like good girlfriend at all. She literally flirts with guys in front of you, post pictures of it, & sends u things that show she's flirting, & she doesn't reply back to u, & then the time u go off to college then she wants to sebd sweet message to u but not any other time. Yeah she doesn't sound like a nice person or she's just a crappie girlfriend. What did she mean when she said, "I don't want my dad to know?" Are u guys keeping ur relationship hidden from her parents or is it something else?

    • In the beginning we were keeping it a secret, but now I don't want it to be a secret and she still does

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    • No it's alright. I personally feel like I must end it. Thank you so much for your help!

    • Your welcome, I'm glad I could help. :) I hope u find another Relationship that makes u happier. :)

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  • The truth is, life is extremely difficult. We have to much pressure to do well in school, perform well at work, all while maintaining a social and family life that can compliment us. This all happening in this world, for which almost everything and everyone is trying to bring us down. The question for you Alex is, why would you want to add to all of that stress that we already get? I know you love your girlfriend, or you wouldn't be here asking about what to do. But is your life so carefree, drama free, and overall perfect that you can afford to be with someone who brings you down? I think that you're doing everything already, voicing your opinions correctly and telling her how you feel. When you tell your partner how you feel, it is almost never a wrong thing to do. What I'm hearing is a girl who is comfortable in not only bringing you down, but also comfortable with holding a double standard in your relationship. Girls have the right to get the attention of their guy, as sometimes we neglect their needs. But there is a line, and we both know she's crossed it many times. The easy answer is to end it, but then there's the situation with regret, so let me help you put that from your mind right now. No guy needs to be with a girl who is overly dramatic. You will have drama in any relationship, but I've only dated one girl, just one, who did similar things. It was one of the worst relationships I was ever apart of. You deserve someone who won't make you feel stupid for voicing your valid opinion. I don't know what your girlfriend is really thinking, but I can suspect that she enjoys seeing you in pain. Some people, including guys, actually enjoy watching their partner squirm, thinking it makes the relationship more interesting. You don't need to be around that or deserve to be treated like that. I don't care how hot, beautiful, smart, or amazing she is. Because she hasn't been acting like it. Communicate your feelings to her and tell her you're tired of being treated like a second class boyfriend and want more respect. Everyone deserves respect and she's taken if from you Alex. But don't give up. Even if it doesn't work out with her, which I sort of hope it doesn't, you'll find someone who is more solid. Good luck and hope that helped

    • Thank you so much man! Everyday feels like a struggle and yes, it does seem like ending it is the only thing to do! Still many thanks! I really appreciate the help!

    • You're a good guy Alex. Sorry for the pain, but I encourage you to find a girl worthy of your time and gentlemanly manner

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  • I doubt she is cheating, she sounds like someone with little to experience with relationships. You should sit down and talk through your problems. If she refuses to listen or a resolutions can't be made then it's best you part ways.


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  • I dated a girl like that for 3 years since high school. It ended, it hurts that it did I tried everything but nothing changed it was always about what she wanted. Unless she decides that you are the guy she dreams of and wants to be with you (which lets be honest is never going to happen as long as things keep going the way they are). In my opinion leave, if I were you that is exactly what I'd do. Just cut your losses and just be happy on your own, I would never want anyone close to me have to go through that again.