Girls, Does this girl like me?

Ok let me start with the whole story:

I have not really known this girl but my friend has, I went to school with her back in primary and year 1, only talked to her once though.

In year 3 I had a crush on her, so to get her attention, I pushed my old friend into her, I know, it was dumb, she wasn't hurt, just really pissed off at me. She told but I didn't get in that much trouble.

Then I gave up soon, I had been kept back a year, and there were some comments passed that really made my self esteem go down, so I thought I didn't have a chance at her. Mostly about me being a "dumbass" which isn't true.

So 4 years later, I was walking down the path way with my friend as usual to go home, she also takes a root which sometimes crosses us, one day I looked up to see her eyes looking at me. I suddenly looked down, then looked up and saw her walk of with her head down too. She never takes that path anymore after a few more encounters, the last time I saw her taking it was with a group of friends, then even my friend noticed that was a bit strange.

Then we had a school meeting, her group was coming to sit down, so I looked for her, and spotted her, 200 eyes on her at least, I looked up for a second and out of all of them she looked at me, then looked back and did what seemed like hide behind her group, she quickly disappeared.

Then they had to do this graph thing in class and go around asking a question, they went to some boys in my year and starting talking and laughing, then they went to me and my friend sitting alone working on our Ipads, my crush was there, they came over and quickly asked the question, shitting myself, I answered, and so did my friend. They were so quiet as they wrote it down unlike with those other kids. They walked away and I think I heard them giggle or smile, then they went to another group of girls in my year, and starting laughing and talking loudly again.

Later started complaining about school to my friend, my crush and I think her friend was walking past a few metres away, about 11 metres. Then as soon as I started talking, she looked behind and looked at me I think, to what appeared to be a smile, my eye sight is pretty bad for long distance so sometimes I don't know.

Just hope I'm not chasing a dream.
Advice appretiated. Thanks.

She hasn't done any of this ever since, does she still like me?


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  • Why don't you start talking to her? Just as a friend/classmate. Since you two are in the same class, why don't you use that as an excuse to talk to her? About homework, the teacher, assignments, etc. Or talk to her friends? and ask them if she's interested. Because from what you said, i'm not sure whether or not she actually likes you or you're just overthinking it. Good luck :-)

    • Umm, I can't really, remember, she's in one grade above me, we used to be in same grade, I said it there, maybe you misunderstood. Maybe I am over thinking it, but to talk to her, she's always surrounded by friends, how do I get in there to talk, it would seem wayy to obvious if I just went in there.


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  • I don't think she does. You're really stretching here in thinking she does

  • Yes it seems like it

    • Hey, I forgot to mention she hasn't done anything ever since. Do you still think she likes me? Haven't seen her at all either at lunch or recess.

  • She likes you.

    • Hey, sorry about this, but I updated the question, not by a much, but do you still think she likes me?

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