Guys, do I have a chance?

I'm in a large friendship circle of about 30 people- we all met at uni sand we all know each other but some of us are closer than others. The guy, let's call him A, within the group that I met briefly 4 years ago and I have seen him at a lot of parties throughout the last 4 years. When we first met I chatted with him a lot but shortly after this time I met my now ex boyfriend (also in the group) and we dated for 3 years. We broke up 3 months ago because a lot of our friends are engaged or married and my ex said he felt like he was expected to do the same and the pressure made him think he isn't ready for any commitment at all. It's hard to know who knows within the group but I'm guessing word travelled fast. At a wedding recently I chatted with A, we danced and he looked over at me all night. However, he was always glancing at my ex and he chatted with him a bit of the night. My ex spoke to me that night too, telling me how he wasn't jealous of A chatting with my but that he was annoyed that A had broken the "bro code". A has always had girls chasing him so I waited three weeks and then I messaged him- I deliberately made it a closed off message by ending it "hope your summer is going well" so I wouldn't seem eager. He read my message right away but didn't reply until a day later to say he was glad I had finally done the thing and that yes his summer was going well- he told me a bit about it, said he has 6 weeks left before his new job and then asked me now mine was. I didn't know what to do so I also waited a day before replying, I made a joke and then I told him a bit about my summer and I asked him if he had been before to one of the places I am going and also what he plans to do with his time left. I then ended it by saying I feel like summer is going to fast. This time he has been on but hasn't read or replied to my message. It's only been a few hours but now I'm worried I caught the wrong end of the stick and that he was just friendly. Help.


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  • u mean a chance wid guy A i guess?

    hmmm i believe yeah u do. guess A knew when he met u at this weddin u were not datin yer X anymore... right? so he was probably glancin at him to see his reaction when he was dancin wid u in front of him...

    also yer X seems to be ok wid it (he wasn't jelly of A at least)

    and as for yer message... possibly he hasn't read yet... it's been only a few hrs... u should start worryin after one day passed... not by now ;)


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