Do you ever girls care less about guys post-high school/college?

I always felt like in high school girls gushed over guys and obsessed over relationships, college was still that but maybe a little less intense. But after all of that, I feel like now women really don't care about guys and we have to bend over backwards to hold a girl's attention for even the smallest increment of time. I feel like they're more concerned with having a baby and guys are just seen as financial support.


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  • Change your circle of friends and acquaintances!

    • Has nothing to do with that.

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  • When girls go from highschool to college, priorities change. In highschool, all they need is a relationship. They aren't focusing on having a family (not all), getting a real job, or looking at the pressures of college and real life. Then, almost over night, girls go from almost care free to extremely stressed out. The debts are coming in, school is crushing them, and the job is not what they wanted it to be. Then they have to look at the love aspect of things. Finding a good guy who is willing to support them, financial and other wise becomes a big deal. I use to think that girls just wanted guys for money, but honestly it isn't just about the money. This is about making sure you end up in a good home with someone who actually care about you and can support you. Girls are still girls and still like guys, but remember, they aren't highschool girls anymore, so don't treat them like that. It is quite the change but there will be a girl out there whose attention you will grab. Confidence and good goals for your future will certainly attract a girl. You don't need to be rich, but it is important to be able to provide for you lady.


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