Is she into me?

So this girl I like has gone out with me a few times and she has been to my house a few times I tried to kiss her and she had me kiss her on the check but she allows me to touch ie ( thighs, arm and put my arm around her)


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  • She could be into you, just not ready for things to go quickly. She might still be hurt from her last relationship and just not be ready for kissing. Just give her time until she says something's wrong.


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  • i think she likes you, but might be inexperienced or scared to move quickly or think you just want to hook up with her. so I think you should hang out with her 2-3 more times, and not make any kind of move, to establish that you are not just trying to hook up with her and that you care about her. after that, try to kiss her and if she rejects you then she is probably not interested.

  • For me it might mean she is hot and cold not knowing if she wants to be in a real relationship quite yet. And yet she could like you just might want to keep things fun and light to test you out before she lets you kiss her?..


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  • Yup.

    When a girl gives you the "cheek" it doesn't mean NEVER, it simply means "not yet." Trust me, no girl is going to stick around when a guy is touching her if she's not into it.

    You haven't lost any ground with her at all... you've MADE ground.

    Keep up the good work, continue to spend FUN time with her, and slowly keep escalating.

    ~ Robby

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    • How much time should I give her its been like 3 weeks we hang bout 1-2 times a week oh yea she has a 1 year old so we have to plan around him

    • How much time for what? Every time you have a fun date with her you should be trying to kiss her (when appropriate.) The more you hang out the more you should be escalating the intimacy.

      If she seems cold to the kissing, then take a step back and escalate the hand holding, hugging, cuddling, and occasionally have an intense, private, and intimate conversation about hopes and dreams. Then come back to reality and flirt, laugh and play.

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