Was I wrong for telling my bff that the reason none of her crushes are willing to date her is because she is a MOPED?

Im always brutally honest I can't help it.

  • no. she deserved the truth
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  • I think. You best sit her down -ALONE- I can't stress enough on alone. And talk about it. Tell her.

    People usually don't want to listen and go "I just want him/her to love me the way I am." I am sorry, but if you're an asshole, chances are people won't love you.

    Men judge women on their personality and looks.
    Women judge men on their personality, looks and career choice.

    For the sake of this simple explanation, let's give a score out of 10. Women get /5 for personality and /5 for looks. Men get /4 for personality /3 for career and /3 for looks.

    Say I see a woman that's a 4/5 in personality and 4/5 in looks, so an 8. I am a 2/4 in personality, 2/3 in career and 1/3 in looks. I am a 5/10 and she's an 8/10. She won't look at me because she knows she can do better. It works the same way vice versa. If she's 100 pounds fatter... chances are she's a 0/5 in looks or a 1/5. If her personality is 4/5 and her looks a 1/5 and she's running after guys that are 7 or 8 , they won't look at her ever.

    You may not notice, but every one you've ever known does this. Even if they claim they don't. It's done on a subconcious primitive level. In a way, it is survival of the fittest (no pun intended). Any one who tells you otherwise is delusional. People think now a days they can just sit on their ass all day and they'll get exactly what they want. Well it doesn't work that way. You gotta work on yourself to get what you want in return.

    Sugar coat what I said and feed it to her.


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What Guys Said 3

  • I certainly hope there was more to that conversation than, "hey, no one will date you because you're a Moped. Want to go to the mall later?" If you're going to be that honest with your friend, you need to be prepared to not only help her improve her situation, but you take on the consequences if things now continue to go poorly for her. And remember, no girl is a moped. She's just a girl, who is your friend, and some day a guy is going to look at her and think she's the most wonderful person in the world. You should be building her up and giving her confidence.

    • I do. I just blurted ot out. I have talked to the guys she likes and thats what they all have said

    • Well, now your little outburst is going to cost you. You take the responsibility of helping her. Remember, she's your friend. Don't you want the best for the people around you? I understand telling your friend, I really do, but you have to lay those things on more gently in the future. My roommate is virtually undate-able, but I didn't tell him that. I simply have been working on his confidence so that he is date-able, and now he's really close.

  • That's not being brutally honest; that's just being mean.

  • Why doesn't she just get a street bike?


What Girls Said 5

  • What exactly makes her a moped? Her looks? Behavior? Bad personality? Hygiene? You should have been more specific so she can improve her chances.

    • She needs to lose 100 llb

    • So start off by saying something positive, then saying "I think the weight is getting in your way" and then finish with another positive statement. That's how you give constructive criticism. Calling someone a moped is just mean, even if she is one.

  • It could have been sugar coated a little bit, especially if she's your best friend, but I feel like she deserved to know the truth

  • how do you know this?

    • I have asked her crushes as well as a lot other guys on her behalf. They all say she is a moped.

    • i see. just support her.

  • Dang how did she respond to that?

  • What is a moped

    • I'm really confused as well. I guess I'll just make another one of my regular trips to urban dictionary. It's practically my bible of knowledge since majority of the words that come out of people's mouths these days make 0 sense to me.

    • Ok apparently according to urban dictionary it means that they are someone you'd want to have sex with but you don't want other people seeing you with them.

    • Wait what the actual hell @Asker you actually said that to your friend? That's horrible!

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