Does the amount of time your ex stay single after your break up mean anything?

Me and my ex broke up last August after a 7 year relationship, its almost been a year now and since then I have had 2 relationships and dated i'd say about 5 girls. She however is still single. I know this cause her I ran into her friend and she told me she hasn't dated and has stayed single. Her brother also told me she hasn't been seeing anyone. This makes me wonder cause she's a catch, smart, attractive and with a new job, and having recently turned 26 what could be the reasons she hasn't found anybody else? Could it be she still has feelings for me or are there other factors, I know its a brief description just curious.
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  • Not necessarily. Some women are very goal-oriented and they do not desire to make their primary interest in life men, romance, and love. She could be focused on pursuing a degree or an internship, literately throwing her whole creative energy and passion towards that. She could also be one of those females who is well aware of how much drama your average guy can be and just be waiting out for someone special.


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  • Maybe she's just focusing on something else instead of getting back into a relationship?


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