What does this mean and what do I do?

I really like this guy and I've only seen him once at a picnic and he told me where he was and I met up with him but he was with a bunch of boys I didn't know so I said hi and told him me and my friend walked to frozen yogurt and they left, I saw him a couple of times later but we didn't talk. Last night it took all my courage to tell him that I thought that he was cute over text and he replied saying "thanks." Then he asked me "wyd" and we had a normal conversation and I have no idea what that means or what to think of that. I really really like this guy and that broke my heart. I'm also always the one to start the conversation and keep it going. What does it mean? What do I do?


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  • He's not interested. The moment he said thanks was the moment he made that a fact. I hate those kinds of responses. Sorry hun.


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