Those of you married, divorced, in a relationship do you wish you had ended up with someone else?

Do you wish that you could be with a ex partner or are you happy with your current SO?


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  • Absolutely not, I married the man of my dreams a little over two weeks ago. At our wedding, I had the instrumentalists play "Someday My Prince Will Come" when he and the guys lined up at the alter; it was one of the most commented parts of our wedding ceremony, lots of people thought it gave it amazing awe, how sweet factor, I wasn't even thinking of that, he's my "Prince".

    Just returned from our honeymoon, there's no "buyers remorse" here; the day after we returned from Hawaii we attended a memorial for a long time friend of both our families, it hit me like a ton of brick; one day that grieving widow will be me. My hubby cheered me with the thought that we have a whole lifetime ahead to make memories that will live on after us!!! "Divorce is not an option!!"


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  • I've only ever been with my husband. he was my first and my last. so nope. never thought about another man.

    • Me too, I'm so glad I have no one to "compare to".

    • and Lucky for me, I was my husbands first everything as well. from an early age I guess I "marked" him as mine and made sure his attention was always on me.

  • I'm happy. He's an upgrade for sure. Hahahahaha


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