If two people like each other, is it most likely that the two date? Is it okay to stay friends?

So now that its summer break and almost school time im very nervous to see my crush. He told me he liked me at the last day of school before summer break and I've been wondering all this time if he is going to ask me out or if its going to be awkward and stuff. Girls, has this happened to you? And did you get asked out? Boys do you usually ask the girl you like out (she likes you back)?


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  • If neither of the two has the courage to ask each other out then you both will potentially stay friends.

    Does he know you like him back?
    If not, he may fear rejection.
    If I were you I'd ask him out (the ball is pretty much in your court now).

    • Yes he does know i like him back, and i think we both dont have the courage to ask each other out. But i do know that he has mire courage than i do

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    • Tru tru ill give it my best if he doesn't

    • Best wishes.
      I hope things turn out well.

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  • You should ask him out and or make a statement to tell him
    hey i really like you a lot i wish we could be more than friends
    If a girl likes me sure i will take that chance to ask her out i did
    that when i was in 12 grade but she rejected me cause she had
    a boyfriend i had no idea ,


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