Why have I never been asked out?

People tell me all the time that I'm attractive and I agree with them cause I love the way I look.
Apparently guys stare at me in the streets- my friends tell me so but I don't pay much attention cause I space out a lot.
Whenever somebody asks if I'm dating someone and I say no, they'll be like "How can someone like you not have a boyfriend?"
Also, I'd asked out two guys out (not in a row) and they both rejected me.


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  • Most of the time the reasons are either how you look or how you present yourself. Some women have resting bitch face which is basically your standard face but it looks like you want to murder that stupid bitch Stacey.
    Or it could be your attitude (not saying it is). Maybe you should smile more and be more approachable?


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  • That was the same for me, I get told I'm really pretty and that I should model and guys are always staring at me (but I don't think I'm that pretty) I have a boyfriend now and I asked him why no one had asked me out before and he and his friend told me that it was because no one wanted to be rejected by me (which I thought was stupid) and as to why two guys said no, well they probably don't think they are good enough for you if you are that pretty... Hope this helps :)


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  • Basically due to factor of looking. You'll be asked out when you least expect it and when don't desire it.

  • A lot of guys think that hot girls will have high standards and will just reject them. They aren't always wrong.


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