Do you guys do this too?

You tell a girl your talking to that you'll give her a good luck kiss before our practices. Well you see her and your about to. Your boys come around the corner, two already know you talking to the girl. But I guess the others don't. He was so close. Then he started to act all BA. & was like I'll make you wait until after practice. He did this the other day too, and he said he wanted to see how I would react. Is he just trying to see if I'm really interested or is he trying to shake me and when he can't he just wants to have some fun ? What do you guys think ?

Girls: Has this happened to you ?


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  • If he says he'll give you a good luck kiss, then doesn't because his mates show up, he is no sportsman and doesn't keep his word.

    If he is more concerned about teasing from his mates - make him wait. A long time.

    No, I have never done this.



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  • He wants to know how you feel about kissing him. He's looking for the green light.

    If you want it, give it to him.

  • haha I did the same thing pretty much to a few girls, had sex with em and dumped them.. :/

    this was like 2 years ago and I guess I'm not much of am super jerk anymore but I know how these guys think. sure theyll act nice and then be hot and cold, throw you off guard so ur interested in him, thinking about him (which is the whole GOAL)..

    be careful haha


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