Should you text someone while they are on vacation?

So i started talking to this guy on the internet about 2 wks ago. I finally met him last week. He seems to be very nice. I guess he liked me so much he asked to meet up again last Fri. at a coffee shop. He told me he is going on vacay on Sat. and won't be back until Wed. He said when he gets back we can plan something together. He also insisted that since he was going on vacay that he'd bring me something back, like a souvenior. Is it rude to text someone on vacay. I guess I dont want him to forget about me but at the same time I dont want to bug him. Thanks


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  • Don't text.


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  • I wouldn't say it's rude to send a text but just don't expect him to be texting back quickly (if at all - he may not have service, or have his phone with him all the time)
    If I were you I'd probably just something short and sweet like "Hey, I hope you're having a good holiday!" Or anything along those lines.

    I was travelling just recently and this guy I'm talking to just sent me something similar to wish me a good flight and what not. It let me know he was thinking about me which I liked


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