Girls, Ok I scared off this woman by coming on too strong but now she's back opening up as I have her space. Should I text her again today or not?

She's been hurt in the past and has a hard time trusting guys. Her words are "I've trusted people just to have them laugh in my face" and "I don't like the pressure of making something happen" so I gave her space and barely texted her anymore. Our first date was incredible and it ended with a kiss and even a text from her 20 minutes later thanking me for an amazing evening. We haven't hung out since and she's super busy and yes she's really busy. Has a lot of family engagement and birthdays and stuff and I knew this before we even hung out. So her interest was high at first then it lowered or at least appeared to Lower after she realized how much I like her and now it's back up again probably even more than before. Question is do I text her again today or not


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  • She said she has a hard time trusting. If you play games, how will she believe you really want her? This may not be the time for games like this.

    Texting once a day for a few minutes is fine. Constant nonstop texting is clingy and is part of the "pressure " she refers to.

    You like her. You want her to believe you like her, and it sounds like she likes you. For heaven's sake, text her. Just keep it down to one or two a day, and if she doesn't respond, don't send another til she does.

    • I agree but there are certain exceptions to that like for instance if she seems engaged and texts back right away then a bunch of texting is fine if she wants to talk. Also if she falls asleep on my last text and I text goodmorning without a response to my last nights text than That's ok

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    • I guess I'm just scared to trust her myself. I've been hurt in the past so that's the tricky part but I really like her just hopefully she likes me

    • Slow and steady, my friend :).

      Send me an update in a few days, I'd love to hear how it goes.

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  • Yes text her. That's how you build a relationship. You have to love communicating with the person. If she's turned off by it then she's not for you. A woman who loves or likes you will NOT be offended if you messaged her to see how she is doing.

    • We've been chatting lots!! I've been busy so my texting is scarce but she replies instantly and then starts taking her time. She doesn't wanna appear too eager I don't think

    • You're right she's may be playing hard to get. Just show her that you care and be friendly and maybe she'll let her guard down. It takes time to trust someone. I'm the same way but if a guy consistently shows he cares and I like him eventually I'll come around and I won't feel self conscious to initiate convo with him.

    • I just really wanna see her but she was busy and I don't know how to ask again. I should wait until this month is over. July is busy for her and she has a family reunion next weekend

  • Don't text her yet.

    • I just texted her yesterday. I really wanna text her and think she wants me to but I'll wait

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