What to say to a girl when you want to flake on a date with her?

I've slowly come to the conclusion that she is only using me.


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  • why don't you be honest and tell her that your not interested anymore?

    if you want some white lies to tell her to flake on her:

    -stuck at work

    -stuck with family

    -something happened to this friend of yours that she doesn't know ...

    -your not over your ex

    -you found out your in love with one of your female friends

    -she's more of a friend than a gf

    but still I would say go with ur such a nice girl but I'm not interested right now ... and end the whole story ...


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  • Keep it real and cancel the date. Tell her you're not interested or that you're busy. If you think she is using you call her out on it so she knows she is not slick


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  • If your 100% that she's using you,you go on that date and you just be a total d!ck don't throw a drink on her or insult her to badly but spend the whole night making things awkward and see how uncomfortable you can make her. Don't waste a golden chance by using a lame excuse.

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