She always texts right after date?

Within half an hour of our dates, weve been on 3 so far she always texts me. I dont find it annoying, I like it but at the same time I dont. It means I dont really have a break from texting or seeing her. Is it a good sign though that she takes the iniative to text soon after the date, does that mean she likes me?

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  • Yes, she likes you. She likes you so much that she doesn't care about seeming too eager. You've found the Holy Grail of women and you're still not satisfied.


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  • Sounds like you found a girl who doesn't play games and waits 3 days to contact or whatever silly rules some people follow.

    She's just excited and happy about the dates and keeps in contact. That's to be expected after 3 dates that's gone good. Don't make this into a problem when it's not. If you are still together in 4 months and she messages you 30 times a day then it's time to adjust things, but not now.


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  • If she isn't checking in on you every waking moment then I don't see much harm in it. She's thinking about you, hence why she is going ahead and texting you, so I think its a good sign.

    I always text a girl a little after the date to make sure they got home alright. If she texts me first, its typically just a message saying she had a good time.

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