How to move on? should I erase everything I have of him?

The guy I was dating, I think he is losing interest, because he's not texting anymore, or if I text he would say I'll talk to you later, and last time he didn't even answer. I don't know If I just should erase pictures, his phone number, etc.


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  • The same thing just happened to me, and oh boy does it suck. But I agree with the other response. . . there's this new trend called ghosting that's happening apparently and its just a way of people ending things without having to face the confrontation. In my opinion I think that's whats happening to you (because something similar happened to me too) and let me tell you you are so much better off without them if they don't even have the decency to man up and end it to your face. That's the kind of guy you don't want to be with.

    I really hope this isn't the case though for you, and if it is I'm sorry it's happening to you.

    All the best

    • thank u. It's so weird cuz a couple of weeks ago everything was normal, but he moved away to another country. so maybe something happened. But well, i delete everything, cuz i deserve better. And he is just ignoring my texts or giving one word answers.

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    • thanks, and I don't know even know why he says that I'm rude. he doesn't want to talk with me it seems. cuz he shuts all.

    • and I'm feeling constantly ignored. i don't even think that we should talk always but i would like to see some interested in me when we haven't talk in days.

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  • Erase everything.


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