Would you date a guy like me?

1. I am 5 feet 7 inches in height
2. I have average to above average in looks. Depends on the day.
3. I am 20 years old, about 21
4. I don't really like to party, but I don't mind kicking back and having a few drinks with a few close friends
5. I am a workaholic. I work anywhere from 45-60 something hours a week. I am an Advanced EMT about to go to paramedic school.
6. I have my own health insurance benefits
7. I lost my virginity to a 16 year old at age 20 (we were both virgins) and have only had sex with one girl
8. I like younger girls (obviously by the username). Like girls anywhere from ages 16-19. But I find it best to stick with girls 17 or older.
9. I still live at home but will be looking at renting an apartment.
10. I tend to treat a girl right if she falls for me. I have been told by a girl that I treated her better than no other.

I have never had an actual girlfriend before so wanted opinions.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Sure, I don't see why not. You didn't really put your negative personality traits there though, so it might be a bit biased.


Most Helpful Guy

  • You may be attracted to young girls, and that is what it is, as long as it's legal and consentual and you're not taking advantage of them.

    But I think e. g. your username is a problem. It's a sensitive subject, and choosing that username sort of makes it seem like you don't understand that.


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What Girls Said 6

  • Is anyone not catching onto the fact that he's a pedo?

    No. I would be disturbed by the fact that you seduced a minor. More so that you prefer teenagers, despite being an adult man.

    • I was getting that vibe too.

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    • Yes, give me her number already. Gotta snitch on her dumb kid.

    • This comment is bullshit. A paedophile is someone attracted to children. A 16-year-old is no child, besides, the age difference between Asker and a 16-year-old would be 4-5 years, which is not unusual.

  • Literally none of this matters. This information may describe who you are "on paper" but it doesn't determine if someone will date you or not. Someone will either find your attractive, or they won't. There will be chemistry between you, or there won't. You with reciprocate feelings and both want a relationship, or you won't. Those things are what determine if someone will date you or not. If a man makes a woman feel good about herself and she is attracted to him, then it won't matter what his skills are, or his career, or whatever.

    • You made a really good point. Although I have proven to not be so good with women in the factbi never had a girlfriend at my age

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    • The problem is getting a girl to like me, especially one I like

    • Well that's everyone's problem. Just be you and they will or they won't.

  • No. I would not and never will.

  • No. You fucked a 16 year old.

    Im 22 but I look 16 and that's ok, but you fucked a kid. Who hasn't even graduated high school.

  • Based on just this, I think I'm leaning more towards no.

    You say you like younger girls, & we're both the same age so not sure about that.

    And you say you're a workaholic, someone obsessed with work and I think I would get tired of the pretty fast.

    • You get tired of me being a workaholic? Or me getting burnt out?

    • Get tired of him being so obsessed with work. I feel like it would effect the relationship, and when he isn't working he'd be so tired from working that all he'd want to do is rest.

      So I guess to answer your question, both.

    • If I had a girlfriend I would change up my priorities. Work would still be important but I would make a lot of time for her

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What Guys Said 1

  • Umm the only thing that bothers me is that you're into underage girls. Otherwise yeah I would.


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