If a girl asks if you're nervous on a date, would that put pressure on you?

So I had 2 dates last month and both of them asked if I was nervous. I don't know how I came off that way, maybe it was my demeanor. I do have a hard time showing my emotions. Some people tell me I look mad when I'm not or that I'm stressed out when I'm not, but the bottom of the line is I didn't feel nervous until both of them asked that.

Its t's like because they asked me if I'm nervous that it makes me worry about not coming off as nervous, that it makes me nervous if that makes any sense. It's like I'd stumble on words or have an awkward silence then they'd look at me weird ultimately making it a bad date with no 2nd one either,.

personally, I think it's inappropriate to ask that even if a person does come off a little nervous. I mean I think it's a little natural for people to feel nervous when they're meeting a person in person for the first time off a dating site so let them ease up. That'd be like me asking a girl if she was angry or a bitch if she gave me a dirty look on a date. I think a girl asking if I'm nervous is like saying do you have no confidence? Are you insecure?

That can have a big impact on how the date goes. Has anyone else ever had this happen?


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  • I agree with you.


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