Are girls just psycho when it comes to social media or is it valid?

My boyfriend always likes this girls pics on instagram. Every picture, every selfie, she looks like his favorite celebrity (Taylor swift) and I'm black... not just her either he just likes every picture with a pretty girl. I know he likes guys and his friends pictures too but he has a girl friend so I don't think he should be liking other girls selfies!! And the Taylor swift girl is on his Twitter and he's always liking her posts and talking with her. I donthave a twitter but his is public... am I justified in being really pissed off and not trusting him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes people can be psycho , i had my share of haters
    one of them was a Taylor Swift and she was on a site
    i go on but she blocked me and i blocked her in return but
    she deleted her account on here it appears so ,

    • This person i never talked to unless she was once under another name

What Girls Said 1

  • Unless if he is actively trying to communicate anf flirt with all of these girls then yes, you should be concerned. Its best to express how you feel about him liking all these photos. If he's just saying hi occasionally then its not a big deal. Guys can have friends that are girls too. If he responds defensively and gets angry, there may be a hint that between his rage lies guilt and denial.


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