Am I losing it?

So as a guy, I remember when I'd see a girl who stood out as really attractive to me somewhere in my daily routine, whether she was in class with me in college, I was working with her or she would hang around the same places as me. I know I used to think about this "special girl" thruought my day as any other guy might and get the warm, fuzzy feeling, or daydream about her, etc. This is pretty commonplace- but after breaking engagement with a girl who left me for a guy who was born into wealth, and continuous rejection (I can't drive because of my vision even though I have a career and work out, blah blah blah) I just can't say I've felt this way in a couple years at least. I mean, I will come across a girl I find really attractive or fun or funny, but there's no longer a warm/fuzzy feeling/daydreaming... you get the idea. Am I losing my mind, or my libido? Should I be worried about this?

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  • It is normal. You stopped idealizing situations and people.


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  • Didn't read, just voted.


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  • You're just jaded. You've taken the red pill. You see the hypergamy of women. You've seen the truth.

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