Does he like me and just too shy to pursue? If so how should I go about pursuing him, cuz I kind of like him too but nervous?

So I've never really meet him in person I just know his friends. When I told him that I knew his friends is when he really started asking questions getting to know me, even offered to tutor me in his best subject accounting (since I have to take an accounting class this semester/he's an accountant by the way.). Wants me to play soccer with him since we both play, hangout with him, said I didn't look so bad, and when I asked if he had girlfriend he said if he did he wouldn't be talking to me so much. Though he's also not really answering my txts or phone calls so I don't know. We have discussed hanging out but not solid plans.


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  • When I like a girl, I tell her. She then goes and blocks me, stupid idiot

  • Ask him if he wants to do something at the weekend. It's as simple as that.

    • Yea I asked if he wanted to hangout and he said maybe this coming weekend but its not solid plans its a "will see if I'm back in town" thts what he said. He's visiting his folks so I guess thts y he ignored y calls I don't know.

    • Well you made your move so the ball is in his court.

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