Is this sweetheart interested and shy or just friendly and not interested?

Good signs: -we've chatted for over a month, we can talk about anything and everything, she told me I'm very easy to hold a conversation with, we would talk about sex lightly nothing serious, she would be more open and flirty when she was drunk texting, we went out on a date, she made lots of eye contact, laughed at my jokes, asked me lots of question, hugged and lightly kissed me on the lips, contacted me immediately after the date thanking me for the lovely evening.

Bad signs:- our second date got cancelled twice, once by me and once by her, she didn't accept my gift that I offered her, it was a book she loved, we haven't hung out again in 3 weeks, she said I seemed to get attached quickly and she doesn't wanna give false intentions, she said I seemed more than friendly, she doesn't like the pressure of making something happen, she's cold sometimes, we haven't really talked about sex as much

notes: -since I've been less enthused to talk to her we've been texting more and more again, she is legiitamely busy and I knew this before our first date, she warned me off the start she's not looking for anything serious but I said lets just get to know eachother and she was ok with that, she teases me a little bit (at least I think so), we've sent over 70 messages each to eachother in the last two days, she likes my stuff out n Facebook when I don't contact her, she's told me she's trusted people just to have them laugh in her face, she said she used to fall to easily and get attached too quickly to think straight. Are these signs and hints she's giving me to slow down? Is she interested? I've given her two opportunities to get out of seeing me but she said we can try for this time but I was busy. Is she just scared? Did I come on too strong? Does she really just want friends? If so why did she kiss me? Remember our first date was perfect and she even contacted me to thank me.


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  • I would ask for her to go out with you one more time. If she doesn't seem receptive, or blows you off, then I would move on. Maybe she isn't ready for a relationship.

    • I'll wait a while. I feel like if I ask her again it will just make her feel pressured as I was pretty consistent with asking her before. I think I scared her by showing lots of interest. Does she at least sound interested?

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    • I didn't text her all weekend and now we are back texting like before

    • Ya I didn't text her all weekend and now it's back to normal

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