Does follow up text makes you look desperate?

We've been dating for 5 weeks and are exclusive. This is the first time I send a follow up text as he didn't repond for 11 hrs.. he is usually constant with communication.

I asked are you ok? Which is unlike me as I usually just ignore him if he takes long.. how do I regain the power?

he replied telling me he was thinking about me when he was at work, thinking he hasn't message me today. Then he added he saw my text in the morning and replied in his head.

Bullshit? how to deal with him?


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  • Just give him some space and give yourself some time to know which one is his real behavior: the guy that texts back constantly or the guy that replies mentally.

    • today he text constantly cos I teased him for replying mentally so no point for me to text him in the morning LOL

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    • He like extremes doesn't he :p

    • I know right LOL

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  • nope... if u usually ignore him as u say then this won't make u look desperate. actually he'll think u care since u didn't ignore him as u used to do ;)

    and 11 hrs isn't a short time like 1-2 hrs.

    • True he did text back and now I know NOT to text him in the morning.. as he rush while getting to work..

    • yeah better wait after he's finished

  • Yeah, are you okay is alright. But don't send more. Lol. And please don't focus on power... I dislike it, it corrupts the relationship.

  • Are you ok is fine.

    It's only desperate if you said things like why didn't you text back


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  • Don't text him again, unless he texts you.


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