I need advice on a tinder date?

Ok! so I decided recently to try out tinder for the purpose of looking for someone to actually date (shocking! i know), anyway recently i matched with a girl who i instantly hit it off with. Deciding to take the next step, i asked if she wanted to meet and to my surprise she agreed, then proceeded to add me on FB. So im taking all this to be a very good sign, but the problem is i now have a date in a few days and do not know how to act, do i pay for her meal? am i supposed to attempt flirting? or is this first date supposed to be more casual and relaxed? If i dont make the right moves do i risk ending up in the friend zone?


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  • Ask her questions about her life and be casual and relaxed.


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  • I actually met my current girlfriend on tinder, 6 months now and it has been the most natural, no stress relationship ever!

    We just met up for drinks initially to keep it super casual in case that connection did not translate into real life. I also did a place she had been to and knew to make her feel comfortable, because lets face it, you are still a random stranger and could be crazy to her at this point lol

    We ended up deciding to get food as we were chatting for 2 hours straight, I paid, I always pay for the first date, especially if I invited her out. She ended up taking me two other pubs afterwards because the place we were at was closing, turned out to be the most chill and successful first date of my life!


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  • First, this isn't a first date, this is an interview where she gets to decide how you are in person. So this would be really important to be casual and relaxed because if you appear uptight and stressed, she's going to think you're putting too much thought into just meeting, because that's what you're doing. Still act polite and be as gentlemanly as you would on a date, so yes, offer to pay for the bill but don't fight if she doesn't want you to. Don't flirt, just be witty and calm. She's not looking for an amazing person, she's just trying to make sure you're sane and not dangerous. As for avoiding the friend zone, at the end of your meeting, tell her you enjoyed your time with her and you would like to take her out again.

  • Do something casual, like a drink..
    If there is no connection, you can easily leave without too much awkwardness..
    If there is, it's just as easy to extend the night. And it does not put too much pressure on you both