Are we seeing each other or just friends with benefits?

I've met this guy recently through friends and he's amazing!

We've had sex twice within the last week and a half.

At the start i wasn't planning on falling for him but I have. . Majorly.

When we are together we don't just have sex. We watch movies and cuddle and talk and cook together or he cooks for me. He's introduced me to his friend's.

When we talk he actually asks me questions to get to know me. When we make out it feels different. Like, i feel a deep connection with him. We will look into each others eyes etc and he will kiss me on the forehead or the tip of my nose.

What i want to know is, how do you tell the difference between seeing each other and just having sex with each other? ? I really like this guy

I should also add that whenever i drop him off to work or whatever he ALWAYS kisses me goodbye. . And he will always hug me. Everything isn't kept in the bedroom. Plus, he doesn't mind or friends knowing about us. This surely isn't just a friend with benefits scenario!


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  • obviously more than friends with benefits... u do so many stuff together and he even introduced u to his friends... so i'd say there's a chance to be bf/gf in da future and a pretty good one since u like him back as well.


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  • It is obvious. You should discuss it with the guy in order to be sure.


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  • You two are definitely dating, just not officially. I think that you two should talk about being in a relationship, or how you feel about dating. You'll figure it out.

  • Sounds like seeing each other. You will know when you are in a relationship when he introduces you to his folks, why not just straight ask him if you two are an item?


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