Does she like me?

I met this girl the other day on Tinder. We have a few common interests and stuff but when we talk on Tinder it seems like im asking all of the questions. And she's only responding with a few words or a sentence most of the time. But when we do talk she uses emojis and when i went to bed last night, she responded with "night x". And we've added each other on fb...

So do you guys think that she likes me?
Or is just simply that she is shy and doesn't talk much?
Or is she just not interested in a relationship?

Tell me what you guys think...


Most Helpful Girl

  • It sounds to me like she is this shy girl. With her "x's" and "She uses emojis," her Written Signals are Speaking more Volumes than even words can describe right now.
    I believe as long as there is some sort of Communication on her part and so far you have held her Interest, more in store will come with keeping in touch with her and eventually perhaps you Can... Bring out the best and rest out of her.
    Good luck. xx

    • It's too soon to tell with the relationship buit. With a shy girl, or just any girl or even when a girl meets a guy, the best way to start is slow with nursing and nurturing and to see if the chemistry is right for the mixing and then The.. Nesting. xx

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    • What do you mean? She speaks proper English like us...

    • ... shy girl perhaps, @Jackusthemakus. xx

Most Helpful Guy

  • Remember, she doesn't actually know you. The most assured way of knowing is getting her to go out with you. Then you'll have a better shot at knowing what kind of person she is. You don't know a person though text messaging, or even facebook stalking. I've always taken it as a good sign that if a girl is messaging you at all. Most girls don't usually waste their time on guys they aren't at least mildly interested in. I'd highly encourage you to ask her out, even for just a quick lunch or coffee.


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What Girls Said 1

  • She is not that interested.


What Guys Said 1

  • She is also talking to 100 other guys on Tinder. Why not meet people in real life as opposed to bullshitting around with Tinder?

    • Yeah i know what you mean man, but do you reckon she might be interested in a relationship with me or not?

    • Doubtful, and again she is messaging a few other dozen guys at once.

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