If 40 girls message / "like" you on a dating site, how should this be interpreted?

I'm completely new to online dating, and have been there for 4 days now and already got 40 women liking me.

What are your experiences with this kind of stuff?

Is it a good response rate in comparison?

I didn't do anything to make them notice me.
I checked othe guys' profiles and they have only up to 10 women "like" them or even only around 5 , I haven't seen anyone close to my number yet O. o
and 81 have checked my profile so far


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  • It means you have just under a 50% success rate. But being serious, there clearly is something in your profile, or profile picture they really like. Don't get too excited. First, it is just a 'like', they don't even know you. Pick a few that seem to match your character and ask them to meet. Second, remember you're online dating. People always act differently with the protection of online masks. I don't online date because most of it doesn't really mean anything, so while you are online make the most of it and see who is willing to meet and date you.


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  • Some could be catfish, but you must be pretty damn good looking to get that many. I was in Hot or Not, Tinder and POF and I got like 5 in the space of like 4 months.

    None of which showed much interest. xD
    This was in between like December last year and March.

    • seems like this is the case. I actually never found myself good-looking :/

    • and they are all real

    • Well you must be get 40 lmao. I couldn't even get close to that in 4 months lmao.

  • You need to check if they're actually "girls." Lot of fakes out there... just like here on GAG.


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