Guys, why can I do/say to make my boyfriend not want to spend time apart?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months, we're both in our early 20's. We're together every night and I love that. But here lately he told me he's been feeling "trapped". It's because we're together all the time, and I ask him questions that make it seem like I don't trust him. He said he thinks we need to have a few days apart, but that's not what I want. I want what's best for out relationship, and time apart doesn't seem like the best thing to me. What can I say to him that will make him not want time apart? We have such small arguments and I really don't think this is worth taking a break over.


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  • I think you're trying to look at this situation as, I have this problem, he has this problem, so we need to fix it. If you really want what's best for the relationship, you need to work with the other person. Your boyfriend asked for a few days apart, so give him a week. Spend some real time apart, this is not a punishment, more like an opportunity to think about your relationship with him and things that could use some improvements. If you don't give him some time and space, you're going to have way more than you need because he'll leave you. No one wants to feel trapped or suffocated, especially by someone they love. I'm not saying this is your fault, but you might be holding the sand to tightly. In order to hold the most sand, your hand must be open. If you close your hand, you'll lose the sand. The same is true of people. Don't hold on too tightly even though you're afraid of losing him. No one is losing anyone so don't panic. It'll really be fine so just take a week (I say a week because it's way more time than he needs and will have him running back to you) and talk after that week is over.


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  • actually sometimes space's needed u know... otherwise relationship's gonna be doomed... so better give him his space... to think about things better :)

    • I just like talking things out and working them out. Time apart worries me because I don't know what he's thinking.. But thanks for your response. It makes me feel better about this being the right thing to do.

    • u r welcome :)

  • Give home the long weelend

  • Pick your battles. If you're fighting over who took the last cookie, it's probably not a good relationship. Also, please respect what he wants. He's respect what you want but you can't respect what he wants?


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