Im scared to mess up my relationship?

We have been dating for a month pretty much, he's a great guy I've known him for years. I feel like I annoy him when I text him, I feel so nervous when I ask him things then he takes forever to respond, I know he's busy. I feel like he's going to break up with me because I have set many boundaries, he's not a virgin and I am, which makes me nervous.

I don't know what to do.


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  • I read the comments below and I first want to actually give you props for having some actual moral fiber. It's good to know what you are comfortable with and sticking with it. Relationship are interesting thing and are only as complicated at the people in them make it. Communication is the key, and I'm not talking about sending him a text everyday. I'm talking about honest talking in person and sometimes over the phone. You both need to voice how you are feeling and what you want out of the relationship. How many times have you asked yourself, I have no idea what he's thinking or why he's acting a certain way? Probably a lot, and it got worse the moment you started to date. You say you're scared in messing up the relationship, but you haven't done anything wrong. And I know people have broken up for less, but to be honest, don't work yourself up so much. He's the guy you need to trust so trust him. If you're really worried about your actions or his actions, then talk to him about it. You're an adult, we talk about things and he might appreciate it over a text. Guys hate texting.

    • He's already broke up with me so I'm not doing any of this now.

    • I'm sorry

    • It's fine, I guess. He still wants to be friends, but I don't think I can do that. Too many feelings I can't hold them back.

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  • You should avoid texting him in order to see whether he will initiate or not.


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  • I would just go with the flow of the relationship if he loves you
    he will accept you a virgin or not a virgin.

  • You are scared because of the texts? Or because you don't wanna have sex with him right now as you are virgin?
    What boundaries are you talking about?

    • Because of the sex the boundaries are: no chest, and no down below.

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    • Great then nothing to worry about.. Take it slow...😊

    • Hopefully he can handle going slow he says he can, and that he's fairly patient.

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  • If he respects you he will respect your decision and let no one tell you otherwise.. and don't overthink your relationship do what you feel and act the way you like if its going to work it will if not then let it be you deserve better


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