Stringing me along... or interested?

So finally made a tinder match with a girl who actually responded. Now after getting her number to chat on watssapp instead. It seems we get along fine. She responds to my message 30 to 40 min later every time so i figured she trying not to be needy. Now I told her we should meet for coffee next week. And she responded with that she realy would like to meet but if I could wait like 2 weeks for things to settle down with her classes and work she has to do. She goes to class 3 times a week studying part time on a management diploma. she's inbetween jobs.

Surely coffee meeting could be squeezed in?

At the moment I said Its cool and we texted a bit more.

How to proceed do I pull out and look for something else and maby maby she she shows more interest. Or keep persuing. Or check up on her every few days?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She is stringing you along.


What Guys Said 1

  • Look man, dont focus all your efforts on her. She isn't your girlfriend yet and you barely know her. Talk to other girls as well as her, and if she ends up being the one then make her your girlfriend.
    She may be just busy or she is talking to other guys too, hard to tell. But be cool, go meet more girls, and keep talking to her till you see whats up.
    Just dont seem desperate.

    • Hey yea I get that. I mean I haven't even met her in person. I just can't read woman well so trying to get opinions from others perpectives or experience on the situation. By the way when you say dont seem desperate but keep talking to her do I skip a day or two then chat

    • No no... don't skip days. Just dont send her numerous texts and smother her with compliments. She may be answering every 30 min, but she is still answering... so you keep texting back. Just make sure you let her realize you have an exciting life aside from her. Girls can sense desperation a mile away. Just be flirty and cool/calm.

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