Christmas... Alone

I'm retarded when it comes to relationships.

I have a friend that's supposedly spending Christmas day alone, since all her friends will be with their parents.

I asked her what she was doing, and that was the response.

She also stated one thing she always wanted to do on Christmas day was dress up and go somewhere, like dinner and such... wasn't specific but she did say not to big parties or gatherings.

(Was this a hint?)

Now, I do like this girl.

And I ain't doing anything on Christmas day.

Would it come off as me asking her out on a date, if I ask whether or not she wants to hang out on Christmas day since she has no one to spend it with.

I don't want to imply a date when I'm pretty sure she's way out of my league, and therefore any hints she gives(which are obvious hints) strikes me as her just being friendly, since... hell she's out of my league, why would she like me?

I have nothing else better to do on that day, so should I ask her as a friend.

Or should I just say f*** it, and ask her out.

Extra notes:

This conversation happened prior to me helping her with piano. There was a lot of physical contact that normal people would feel uncomfortable with, but she didn't seem to shy away.

Maybe it's cause we're pianists, and pianists all have serious issues.

"I'll See"...

Oh well lol. Though it was a bummer, it has inadvertently motivated me.


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  • hey, that movie Sherlock Holmes is coming out XMAS day, go INVITE HER with you!

    even if its just friends, its a nice gesture, etx.. get to know her, laugh, have fun, hang out ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

    plan it ahead tho, you don't want anything to cockblock you on Christmas day lol

    • Sounds like a plan man. I like the emphasis on INVITE HER.

    • And ALL AT THE SAME TIME ! haha. I emphasize way too much, I need to lay down and cool down and let them jive turkeys KNOW that this is the best answer!

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  • She sounds like she's dropping hints for you to pick up on. I would ask her. You never know until you try!


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