Guys, flat nose?

Okay this is hard to write But I have a flat nose and I fell like I'm the ugliest girl alive I went through ugly depression
Do u guys like flat noses on a black gielse


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  • *sigh*

    My heart goes out to you. I know how it is to be depressed and feeling ugly.

    First of all, I doubt that there's much I can do to convince you that you aren't ugly. I've tried with many other girls, and it has worked with maybe a few. And I'm not going to be so crass as to ask for a picture. So instead, I'll dispense some platitudes and reassurances, and know that from my heart, I mean them.

    I pose to you rhetorical questions.
    1. Do physically unnatractive people get married/have meaningful relationships?

    The answer is obvious, and from what I've seen in my short life, physically unnactractive people and average Joes and Janes can even have vastly more rewarding romantic relationships with other people. Seriously. Relationships built on physical attractiveness are doomed to fail. Outer beauty fades. Relationships built on emotional agreement, a meeting of minds, souls binding together, however, will LAST.

    I hate my body. I hate my hormones. Sometimes, when I'm weak, they make me judge girls based on their outer attractiveness. But when I'm totally in control of myself, I don't give a crap.

    Now, I don't want to seem to cliched and trite. If a person is unattractive physically, people will not be as naturally drawn to them as to an identical person with better features. But can you control it? No. So let it go.

    I allow you to say to yourself, "I'm physically ugly." Sure. Fine. It might be true. You cannot control it, so you shouldn't be focused on it, but of course you can.
    I do not allow you to say to yourself, "I'm completely unnatractive because of my physical features." That is 1. unhealthy and 2. A LIE. NEVER believe that.

    Once more into the breach!

    • You sir, are awesome.
      You're an example of someone who is clearly attractive, no matter what you look like.

    • You have a gold heart bless u!
      That has got me thinking
      Thank-you so muchhhhh

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  • Im sure you aren't ugly, we're all beautiful in our own way

  • Post a pic.

  • Flat noses are fine.


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