It's never really bothered me before but?

It's really late but I just realized I'm twenty and I haven't had my first kiss yet or been in a real relationship. I go on dates but It ends before it becomes something, I don't feel the same way, or they don't feel the same way. Once, I was serious about a friend and it almost became something, but then he had to leave town with his family. We kept in touch for a while but long distance didn't work out for us. That was in high school.
Recently, I really liked a guy friend but he's married and he just recently left town. We've lost touch even after I said lets keep in touch like a hundred times. So I guess I wasn't as important to him as he was to me.
My biggest problem though, is I usually fall for taken guys who lead me on and I stupidly go along with it
Why am I so unlucky in love? I have lots of guy friends so I'm always surrounded by guys and I meet new people, I don't think I have any weird problems that would scare people away, I'm not a bad person, I sing and dance so I've never really been "invisible" in school... What could be the problem? Do I just have bad luck? :/


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  • "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

    If you keep going for guys who are taken and lead you on and there is a clear pattern - then the problem isn't with those guys, but with you. Bad luck is just an excuse. You are your own fortunes smith.


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  • Hehheh, "Butt"...

  • Lower your standards. lol

    • I actually remember being told that before. Thanks

    • No worries.

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