Can't figure out what's up with this guy I've been dating?

We've been hanging out a lot and texting for three weeks.
The first three dates were great. He didn't talk much & seemed really shy/nervous but it also seemed like he liked me. He also told me he was shy and didn't talk much before we ever met. One the third date we had a pretty heavy (and oddly passionate) make out session & he was pretty affectionate. He asked me on a fourth date. That's when he seemed a little less interested (and also interesting) He stopped texting as much. No more good morning texts still occasional "Good night beautiful" texts but he seems to have pulled way back.
He also started to sometimes gets defensive over nothing, the other day he said something, I didn't hear so I laughed flirtingly said "i can't hear you because you mumble" and he said "well you do too" in a faintly irritated tone. That's happened a couple times with different things. I don't like that at all.

I saw him yesterday evening he asked me to come to his job (auto shop) When I got there I overheard his boss at the door say "your woman is here" and I heard him laugh and say "ok I'm coming". We hung around and talked a bit while he worked.
Then he rode home with me didn't talk much in the car when we pulled up to his house this time he didn't invite me in or hug or kiss me goodbye he just said "talk to you tomorrow ok" and left.
That night we texted a little I brought up how he's acting irritable and he said "No you don't bother me at all. I promise"

He did tell me he was stressed about starting school soon, so he'll be working less and making less moneywhich he seems really upset about, he also told me he's a bit homesick, (moved here two months ago) and he did just recently find out about & meet his biogical parents, so I know a lot has been going on.

I was glad he confided in me & talks to me about those things but his behavior has
Well it cut off the rest of my question so please ignore


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  • nothing is wrong i think.


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