She is really weird she starts the conversation with me then ignores it in the middle but why?

Hey so there is a girl I like at my college and she showed me a lot of signs that she likes me back. She don t like to talk to other boys she just talk to me and another guy and she told me that she feels more comfortable with me and always shares her secrets with me. The problem is that she always start a conversation with me and then in the middle of the conversation she don t answer me back wich make me feel really angry with her. And also she says some excuses in the middle of the conversation like I need to take a shower , I need to do my bed... She can just tell me Brb instead of ending the conversation. 2 or 3 days later she starts the conversation again and asks me why I don t ask about her !! Do you all girls do this with boys? Another thing is that she starts the conversation sending me a funny photo does that prove that she likes me or something?


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  • She gets bored.


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