If a guy says he likes you, why does he get weird and not text you all day?

I'll never understand guys. Why say you like someone and get super interested in someone like they're the person you've been looking for.. Then start acting weird and not text you all day? I'll never understand men they're so fucking confusing!

He usually texts me and now he hasn't texted me all day. What gives?


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  • Phone could be dead, they could be busy with work or whatever, bad cell service, some kind of emergency, or they don't want to come off as super clingy right off that bat.

    • Last time we talked we had a great convo and I finally said I liked him back and now nothing.. But I guess I'll wait. This just happens so often I just wish I could understand how guys think cause this is just frustrating you know?

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    • Well he responded to that but after quite a few texts he said he'd get back to me later and he didn't

    • I don't know.

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  • Maybe he is not good at texting. Or he is not that interested. Or he has a girlfriend.


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  • I do that all the time, lol. Gets the girl thinking about you without having to do anything.

    • That's just immature games though.. That just backfires eventually.

    • Not if you're strategic. But it sounds like your boy just doesn't know how to use his Damn phone, lol

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  • It's possible he's just super busy or hasn't seen his phone for the whole day. I don't think he's doing it on purpose, especially if the both of you texting is a constant thing. If it really worries you, just casually bring it up the next time you see him.

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